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Public Notice:  New Election Polling Locations. Plz Review .  .
Election Inspectors Wanted! Get Info Here then Apply. .  .
NTAS Bulletin - If You See Something, Say Something. . . .   
Know Your City Government:  View the City's Dashboard .  .
RAD - Women's Self Defense:  KeyChain Class.  Learn More. .
Board Openings: Historic Dist, Utilities Board, Planning, etc. . .
City Seeks DART Bus Drivers - New Increased Wage . . . .
Weather Alert Warning System (Sirens) See Testing Times . .
How to Spot & Report Storm Water Pollution: See the Video .
Please Dispose of Medications Safely at the Niles LEC  . . .
City Highlights Business Properties Ready for Development . .
City Texts-Sign Up for News from NILESCITY & NILESFUN. .

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